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Waldaster WORLD

[ chapter one]

Once upon a time there was a parallel dimension to ours, a proverbial dream world. And nightmares too, because the unpleasantness never miss.

And in this dimension, populated by all ones that a precise imagination wanted to create, there was a vast land, its boundaries unknown.

There were, of course, but that's another story.

  • The Wood
Imagine a wood, how could it be in a fairy tale:

with soft lighting coming from a thick layer of leaves and the shadows that gently rise from the ground, like hands that are constantly looking for each other, in the perpetual cycle of day and night, without any season.Imagine waterways, streams and rivers that cross it, all starting from a central lake with a small island in the middle, like a sun with its rays.

Look at that majestic tree on the island, with strong roots that hold the soil itself, the gnarled trunk and twisted on itself, the branches that rise to the sky in an intricate dome of lush foliage.

Many years passed before that wood was appointed *Waldaster.
 • The First Tree
You know, that tree on the small island was the first of this world that we are about to learn, the first to appear in a arid and barren land, the *Forgotten Earth.

As the seed arrived there ... well, no one in the wood knows exactly how; some say it was Dovenorc, the wind devoid of intention that swept the Forgotten Earth, others assume that someone or something had come from the depths of the ground, from the *Other Side. What matters is that a seed was planted and, unexpectedly, grew as having a will, a conscious desire of existence. From its roots gushed water and, paradoxically, it never fathered seeds from which would be born a real son: all the plants, trees, shrubs and flowers created by it were never like him.

And, after some time, the tree was called Rudengat. His own voice defined itself in that way, more than once, on the rare occasions when it saw fit to do so.
 • The Coocons in the Ground
Time passed, of course, before a real wood was born around the *Rudengat, the land made fertile by water and ... something else:

the Earth Forgotten owned underground cocoons, luminescent filaments twisted on themselves, linked to each other through other of these same filaments; these - solitary - they crossed the earth, solid like metal and malleable like clay. They say they were white even when the Earth Forgotten knew no more than the changing colors in the sky, but now are known to have each one its own color, different from everyone else despite the similarities.

But back to us, or rather, back to the Vonveret, these cocoons consist of living matter.
 • The Awakening
They didn't have a real will, as the First Tree, but they were equipped with curiosity, intelligence, the ability to feel, to touch, to understand:

they didn't have any stimulus surrounded by barren land, but as soon as they came into contact with first creatures born from Rudengat, the perception of the other allowed the *Vonveret to awaken from the slumber that had frozen them until then. And they tried at first and very simply to imitate the First Tree like small children: the solitary strands modeled themselves as thin roots, they came unto the real ones and tried to blend in them, without fully succeeding. But in the continued understanding of those vital creatures, they came to them to support them and make them prosperous, diverting water so that nutrients could never miss them.

They welded themselves with the new children of Rudengat, becoming indispensable, and so became the backbone of the Waldaster. And they gave unwittingly their own energy to the plants, guaranteeing them eternity.
 • The Genesis of Vullic
More time passes and the Vonveret increasingly gaining sensitivity, improved their senses, their understanding that honing collecting knowledge ... and desires.

Yes, now the cocoons wanted to create something so majestic and vital as the Rudengat had done. And slowly, collectively, through those strands woven in each plant of Waldaster and paying the cost of some of the energy that made them live, they gave shape to a drop, which fell to the ground, separate and distinct from the original filaments, as it seemed composed of the same material, although it was not luminescent. And that drop was distinguished for something that neither the Rudengat or the Vonveret had planned, the voluntary movement.

It is supposed that its shape, simply, had allowed Dovenorc to move it: and that learned. The Rudengat learned of the presence of those drops when some slid right on its roots, after crossing the waters that surrounded him, as recalled by the presence of the First Tree. He communicated with them and called them *Vullic.
 • The Evolution of Vullic
Unlike their ancestors, Vullic were full of needs; like plants felt the desire for water, sun and earth, but also tried other necessities.

They felt the loneliness, for example: was not enough to perceive Waldaster far beyond what Vonveret or the plants themselves could do, no, they perceived lack of their ancestors which didn't belong anymore and they felt the need to get back together, to not disperse themselves despite the ability to move pushed them away, small colored beads that adorned the undergrowth of Waldaster.

It happened so that they would gather in groups, developing a language similar to that of Rudengat, linked by curiosity and by the need for knowledge and sharing. And each of them differed more and more from his brothers.
  • The Rainbow
One day came the rain.

The sky was gradually filled with clouds, until more water is joined to that present in Waldaster. Dovenorc illuminated the sky only when the clouds broke free of their weight; and the rainbow that appeared later, with its colors, was source of emotion and nostalgia for the Vullic. They began to congregate for nuances, thereby aware of belonging to the same family as a single parent Vonveret. Nothing seemed to disturb the little balance formed and peace air breathed all around.

They couldn't have anticipated what would happen next, but we know it all: there is no peace that will endure without no effort to maintain it.
 • The Tiredness of Wind
*Dovenorc was tired, deeply tired.

Had swept the Forgotten Earth for so long, so much that he couldn't remember even when started; but it was his work, the reason of its existence. And it had been easy, at first, without any obstacle to get in his way, but now the land was full of plants that were resistant and they didn't move to his breath, although he could move flowers and leaves. And the largest trees were protecting what was beneath them, leaving few openings to continue to do its job. If he was first able to feel at least a little quiet to be able to move the Vullic, then these had begun to oppose its incentives: with own will, they chose for themselves their movements and, if he had blown too strong, simply they protected themselves behind a tree and continued in the direction desired by stretching a bit the way.

And the rain at the end: she had caged him, taking away from him the protection of sky, which had always tried to make clear and bright. Dovenorc stopped himself, exhausted.
 • The First Flood
And the clouds massed without no one could disperse.

The rains became increasingly violent and lightning came. Several trees were mutilated, and it was only a small consolation that the fire couldn't spread, because the soil was too wet. The Vonveret didn't feel the weight of the water, but felt the plants suffocate and rot, not used. The Vullic could swim, but it was tiring to do it for a long time, because they were bound to the land; most did not want to stray too far from their parent Vonveret and took refuge inside the tallest trees as soon as the water level began to rise. Others, frightened by lightning, tried to flee away to the territories furthest away from Rudengat, since the water there was minor.

Nobody wondered why the rains were concentrated at the center of Waldaster, but more about that later. The Vullic found wasteland hid beneath these, trying to reach the filaments of the closest Vonveret, to seek comfort and help.
 • The Loss of Hope
The Rudengat didn't know what to do.

There was no more wind that brought the seeds over the lake that surrounded him, his children were constantly harassed and threatened to die, the small Vullic were forced into hiding and the Vonveret had no power to do something, stopped by the soil. He himself felt weak forces. The rhythm of day and night seemed completely out of phase, as the clouds darkened the sky constantly, a dark and gloomy twilight descent on Waldaster to take away all hope. But, for the inability, the Vullic of trees crossed the lake water to go from Rudengat, the one without whom their very existence would never have been possible.

But the First Tree couldn't help them, because he didn't know how to invoke Dovenorc from his sleep. And the red resin tears welled from his trunk.
 • The Cloud Giant's Legend
Now we tell you what it is ... a dream, if you will.

Or a nightmare, but it's not really important. By now the whole wood was tired, its energies were missing, the Vonveret exhausted slowly their own energy, that were trying to convey to the plants to help them resist. The senses of all were dim and no one was sure of what was happening. It is said that a shadow appeared on the side of Rudengat, a dark and dense form like a cloud, like a tree that moved on two long roots, and with only two branches that hung along the bottom with a small crown on top, round and free of leaves. And it was huge, the water was passing through as if it were not solid. The *Cloud Giant moved on himself, as if to look around him. And then he began to swell, as if he were holding air inside. And when he was a ball too, he bursts into gusts of wind that shook the earth of Waldaster in an earthquake, driving out the rain towards the edge of the wood and had the power to awaken Dovenorc by his apathy into which he had fallen.

The wind felt full of energy, of new forces and restored: he could return to do its work. He cleared the sky with force, wiped most of the water and soil, allowed everything to go back to breathe. And the Waldaster began the slow process of recovery.
 • The Energy of Vonveret
We have already talked about energy of the cocoons inside the Waldaster ground, but on it we have not ever stopped.

We know the it allowed to the daughters plants of the Rudengat never die, we know that is something extremely vital, we know that the Vonveret were almost dried up completely during the First Flood. But we don't know why there were these cocoons full of energy in the Earth Forgotten, nor how they were born or if someone had buried them inside. The Cloud Giant appearance has given rise many suppositions about it, but nothing is certain for the inhabitants of Waldaster; undoubtedly this is another story, which narrate later, when the time comes.

Going back to that energy ... be ', we might call it magic, wishing, as the Vullic called it: the "Magic of Vonveret" sounds good, right?
 • The Mutation of Vullic
Well, the Magic had nearly depleted and the wood was beginning to grow old.

The Rudengat was the only one who seemed to grow, its increasingly sturdy trunk, its branches that seem to touch the sky. The Vullic were full of despair for the desolation that still surrounded them, but they constrained themselves: they wouldn't have allowed the Vonveret will be darkened, would no longer be helpless to wait as during the First Flood, wouldn't have stood by the wood wither. The Vonveret had managed to change shape, a time to adjust to the children of Rudengat, and so Vullic tried, tried in turn to become stronger, to cope with the Dovenorc, stronger than it had ever been: for the first time the future became a their concern, the weight of the consequences still strong in them. And, together, they changed: in the memory of the giant cloud forms, began to draw up the legs and arms, a torso and a head.

And, in time, they refined those forms until reach that humanoid that we know well; they became ever larger of a daisy and their ends lost a little color that had characterized them: they became creatures blurred, looking thin and delicate.
 • The Birth of the Races
The Vullic divided the tasks between themselves: those who decided to stay underground to look after the Vonveret, who wanted to heal the trees, who had a flourishing undergrowth its objective.

Staying gathered mostly in communities of the same color of the cocoons that cause them, they made holes in the ground, or cracks in the trunks or even the flower buds, their home. And, based on this, they continued to add details in their appearance, who approaches them to what they wanted to protect, differentiating between them.

- *The PODIR - Those who chose the trees. They stretched their little heads into small sprigs and made the surface of their body like a rough bark.

- The *EAREN - Those who chose the undergrowth. They modeled their heads as open flowers and their body acquired small curved points as thorns in every corner.

- The *TUDEOL - Those who chose the land. They flattened their foreheads, lifting it like a crown, and made hands and feet equally flat, only slightly curved at the ends.
 • The First Victims
The Vullic noticed that their presence and proximity favored the recovery of plants and Vonveret, while those left to themselves continued to grow old and some of the cocoons even risked going off.

Aware that they have maintained at least a little magic of their ancestors, so they tried to divide, so as not to leave anything alone, but the Waldaster conditions is only stabilized, with no improvement or worse: they were too few. And so some of the Vonveret definitely withered, sending to death any plant that had supported with its filaments, and all Vullic that had generated.

And so all the families knew the pain of loss.
 • The Resin of Rudengat
The Vonveret were not strong enough to generate other Vullic, so the families tried to reproduce themselves.

Some of them tried to join their magic, but nothing gained, because it was not enough; hope left them, but they continued to take care of Waldaster to the best of their ability; However, as had the Rudengat, they wept red tears. One of the seed of Podir, a Vullic named Golboron, remembered the red tears of the First Tree and decided to join him. He picked up the red resin, as he was able to carry, and turned back from his fellows: indeed the resin possessed a kind of mild glow, similar to that possessed by Vonveret but, even touching it, becoming brighter and more visible.

The idea of being able to use it to restore shine to Waldaster was tempting, and so the Vullic experienced, failure after failure: put the resin near the Vonveret nothing happened, but made their own presence more effective. However there were no improvements quite abrupt to give them hope.
 • The Resin Dissolved
Slowly the Dovenorc returned to lose power, its less powerful breath.

The Vullic lived in fear of another flood, of the rains came again to soak the wood. And the first storm came, and they had not yet found a solution; lightning returned and with them came the anger in Vullic. They rose up against the rain coming out from their shelters and cried, cried until not have more say. They woke up the next day and saw that a tree had been hit; they came to him, ready to wash the wounds, to remove the coal ... and saw some red resin blocks with an almost liquefied form, as if they had been put on top of each other and then they were dissolved. But who had brought them there? They discovered that the place where they had stowed them was indeed empty; yet none of them came forward.

Some said that he saw a big shadow by the tree, but no one gave too much weight to the issue: they no longer had the time or for dreams nor nightmares. Golboron suggest to heat the resin and see what would happen.
 • The BIRTH
The Vullic waited for the next thunderstorm, and when lightning struck one of the trees, they stole the fire before the rain extinguished it.

They had put a resin piece in a concave stone containers, and warmed it; they saw that melt slowly, without losing its luminescence. Still hot, they took her from Vonveret, but nothing happened; they carried it from the trees and saw that seemed to heal the rifts of lightning, there where it was set. Cooling, then, it could be detached and reused again. But the Waldaster continued to grow old and the Vullic wept again, the failure that led them to the brink of deaf despair; now they wandered among the trees and the ground, hurt. The Rudengat murmured words of comfort, vain; he couldn't reproduce those tears autonomously and, without the magic of Vonveret, the Waldaster was bound to perish in the next flood. Golboron was among the few to not surrender; along with Urunsole of Earen and Solmokif of Tudeol, he continued to heat up the red resin.

Their tears fell there and had just become liquid, their thoughts turned to the distant dream that there could be other Vullic to heal their little world. And a small drop, a solid sphere as metal and malleable like clay, a mixture of their three colors, began to float on the surface of the resin ...
 • The Son of Sadness
The sphere was made of the matter of Vullic and it was evident that he was one of them.His three progenitors called him Mosobo, and took him to their brothers, showing the miracle of creation.

The Vullic rejoiced and Mosobo was the first and last Son born of Sadness. He showed a desire to learn and know, as did the Vullic in their youth, and he felt sorry for Forest, vexed by storms, as well as he dreamed of being able to admire it in the way his people telling him, with soft lighting of the filaments of Vonveret and sweet and fragrant air. Mosobo learned quickly, taking shape in a figure that differed from all three races, similar but without their most obvious characteristics: the skin was smooth, his head was round, his hands had small slender fingers, feet had prehensile toes.

The brothers, who were born after him, imitated him.
 • The Second Generation of Vullic
The new Vullic used hands and feet to give a strong push to the top, which enabled them to accomplish great and quick jumps; this made them very useful in communications, as much as to intervene in case of rescue.

The Vullic discovered that their children didn't have the same ability to support Vonveret restoring their power, though: it could also take two or three second-generation Vullic to give the necessary support to their parents. But this, now, was a secondary issue, because at last they could reproduce itself at will; the red resin became what they had most precious and a group of second-generation Vullic devoted themselves exclusively to its protection and custody. Soon they began to attend every process of creation, consolidating a precise ritual, based on joy, in order to pass on the best of the essence of their progenitor; also they distributed the quantities to be used on a tree or on the other.

The Vullic called them Nisel. And the Rudengat called Fruelen the second generation Vullic.
 • The Recovery
In more and more organized groups, Vullic allowed the Vonveret to bounce back, managing to strengthen them, the luminescence of cocoons could brighten Waldaster even at night, their filaments stronger.

Plants, flowers, shrubs, resumed power, resisting the force of the water, despite this became more pressing from week to week. And, during the rains, you could feel the Rudengat laugh of pure relief, with its leaves that quivered under the breath of Dovenorc. This, however, was beginning to tire again, his will increasingly weakened by the insistence of the clouds. The Vullic were ready as they had never been, though, more determined than confident: this time they wouldn't have suffered, they wouldn't be driven by events, this time they would fight for their home, for their ancestors and themselves. The Podir created grooves inside the trees, to allow the rain to flow better towards the ground, following the filaments of Vonveret. The Earen built protections for the undergrowth, made of fallen leaves and broken branches, so that the water could drain away more towards those areas where, in the shade, even the grass didn't grow.

The Tudeol dug tunnels in the ground, which did converge the water coming down from the top to the outer areas of the Waldaster, there where the trees and undergrowth were rare. Their project was well structured... but it didn't work for long.
 • The Second Flood
The torrential rain came and with it came the lightning; Dovenorc fell again in the doldrums, with no strength left.

No distinction was made as night from day, but the woods were not exhausted like the first time, the Vullic to hold up the Vonveret, the Vonveret to support each plant. At first the water actually could flow out and there were no massive flooding. The Vullic, however, sighed with relief too soon. In fact, the grooves inside the trees to make them rot from the inside, the undergrowth guards broke easily and underground tunnels collapsed at different points. Not losing heart, the Vullic worked to reinforce each gallery, recompose each canvas of leaves and grass, the trees dry out from the inside with small fires born from lightning.

But none of this was useful: what Vullic hadn't considered was that they didn't have the power to awaken the wind out of his torpor, and nothing could dispel the clouds with no wind. Despair fell again between them and the Rudengat wept again red resin.
 • The Mosobo Escape
Mosobo saw the hope die in the eyes of Golboron, which although continued to dry the tree that had become his home, and he didn't know what to do. He reached the Nisel around Rudengat, while they sought to collect the resin, some murmuring to use it to prevent the plants to rot and to solidify galleries and covers.

But there was no enough resin for all Waldaster and they were all aware of this. Mosobo, crying, told himself that if he couldn't see the Wood in its splendor under the sunlight, he wouldn't see even its destruction. He dug under the roots of Rudengat, he continued digging working downward, running away from all that pain and that devastation. The Son of Sadness descended so deeply that the ground is now mingled in the rock; it was dark, there, it was wet to the water that filters.

At some point, though, Mosobo glimpsed a sort of luminous mist in the ground and, aware that under the Rudengat there was no Vonveret, he moved in that direction without even thinking about it too much, moved over from a seed of hope that true curiosity. And, indeed, he found a seed.
 • The Cradle of Waldaster
Mosobo had arrived in an environment shaped like a sphere, like dug in the ground, supported by natural pillars of rock that gave off a faint red glow, on whose bottom was an almost split in half seed from which grew up a robust root: he was in the point of origin of his world, the cradle of Waldaster.

Like a man who might unexpectedly find in front of God, Mosobo fell and was unable to lift his head. He wouldn't, he didn't dare: he was there, he had achieved what he had given life to all that he knew, and he knew in the same way that everything would be destroyed. Full of pain, he crawled to the seed, closed his eyes and raised his face, cried against the edge of the root.

The suffering of Mosobo joined to that of Rudengat and red resin began to flow in huge quantities from the bark of the Tree First.
 • The Speed of Freulen
The Nisel failed to explain what was happening, but they took advantage, collecting as much resin they were able, warming it and shaping it. The Freulen carried it to Waldaster, jumping and running like never before.

Golboron looked out from his home and in the rain he could see their slim figures bounce from one surface to another, the leaves quivering as they passed ... the leaves quivered as they passed, as if they were moved by the wind. Golboron remained stunned by this sudden new awareness, hope that began to be born in him.

No Cloud Giant would rush to their aid this time, but there would be no need.
 • How to Create the Wind
As soon Golboron did get the word about the findings, the Vullic left every building, every Vonveret, and they is actively devoted to the creation of strong ropes, thin but resistant beams.

They created hooks from tree to tree, durable and tended enough not to sway because of the rain. They created more continuous rows, so that they form a circle around the first trees that stood on the banks of the lake surrounding the Rudengat, so it was possible they can be trevelled all without stopping. And, once completed, the three original races returned to their tasks; the Freulen instead left to Nisel the task of transporting the resin and they were running and jumping along the newly built passage, in a row, and a group at a time to rotate themselves as soon as it became too much fatigue.

The speed of their movement created subtle shifts in the air, sufficiently continuous to feel a breeze spreading to their passage.
 • The Smile of Dovenorc
They ran for a time that they didn't know quantify, nor we care doing so.

What matters is that Dovenorc awoke from his catatonic stupor; again awake, the wind of Waldaster was still weak, he didn't have the forces to sweep away the clouds, and he didn't even try. But he noticed a difference, something that it had never happened before: the Vullic were no longer using its breaths to move, but instead they used their movements to reinvigorate him, recreating the spark of his will as they could. Dovenorc sensed something he didn't understand, like something warm and pleasant: the Vullic believed in his work and they had confidence in his power.

The wind of Waldaster knew that he was no longer left alone to run out, he could return to work in peace: if a wind was able to smile ...
 • The Creation of Bridges
The Dovernoc forces were returning, as a small breeze was in the air even when Freulen stopped.

Their determination is reinforced and they came back to design: the three races took turns in their duties, building other bridges of rope and wood that tie trees, so that those puffs of wind could expand into more areas of Waldaster. Thanks to the resin channels, tunnels and caps held up better water's weight and allowed the three races they could join the second generation in the race along the bridges, leaving to invigorated Vonveret the task of supporting each plant of the forest.

And, more and more quickly, Dovenorc regained his strength.
 • The Joy of Salvation
One day Dovenorc rose above all else, sweeping away every cloud from the sky, until there was only the smell of rain.

It was night and the bright filaments of Vonveret shone like stars in every corner of Waldaster. The Rudengat reached its lush foliage to the sky, as if he try to touch it. The Vullic shouted for joy: with their forces had laid the foundation for the safety of their home and their ancestors.

And if that night spent in joy and enthusiasm, the relief of not having more their brothers perish, from the day after the first people of Waldaster was activated to cure what had been harassed, using the resin of tunnels and protections to put it on every plant that had been ruined.
 • The Research of Mosobo
Golboron couldn't find Mosobo. He looked for him everywhere, for all the Waldaster, worried about the son who had been for him the hope and the source of all his determination: if he had ever stopped, if he had ever surrendered, it was also because, more than anything else, he had wished that his son could enjoy the sunny days, the light of the stars and the Dovenorc's puffs.

But Mosobo was anywhere, and Golboron's soul became more pained each day, as well as those of Urunsole and Solmokif, equally cut down to that disappearance. The Freulen joined in search of their brother, the Vullic alternated themselves in it, close to the Golboron's family in their suffering. Until the Podir went from Rudengat, as he had done in the past, looking for help for his son that he couldn't find.

And the Rudengat, strangely, said nothing, and his leaves were motionless, drooping, as if he were in the grip of a terrible knowledge.
 • The Father's Fear
Golboron felt afraid, terribly afraid. He climbed onto Rudengat and looked in its branches and crevices in it, but nothing.

In desperation, he went down from the bark too fast and fell. As luck would have he put himself in the tunnel dug by Mosobo.

However, the passage that sank into the ground gave him no comfort: travel through it in growing terror, the desperation made him lose all sense of time.
 • The Sacrifice of Mosobo
It was now several days since Golboron had disappeared, when he finally came out on the banks of the lake, the Mosobo's motionless body in his arms.

The pain took back all the Vullic while Golboron narrated, faded in the soul, that he had found the child with his face still wet with tears, beside the seed of Rudengat;

the crying of Urunsole and Solmokif resounding through the Waldaster as hoarse screams without words and the Forest fell in the silence of comprehension and of impotence.
 • The Crystal Mosobo
They brought the Mosobo's body in the same stone container in which he was born.

The Nisel warmed the resin in there, up to cover it completely, and his parents cried inside it. The Mosobo's body dissolved in the resin, which absorbed the colors of him, but he didn't pull himself together as they had hoped. The Vullic decided that, after the resin had cooled, they would put it next to the seed of Rudengat, there where Mosobo - unaware - had saved them, so he could rest in peace. But, when they came back to take the resin, this was crystallized, forming a transparent and bright stone of incredible beauty; the Vullic thought it was a sign, that the essence of Mosobo was still alive.

So the idea of putting it inside the Waldaster Cradle assumed a protective meaning, the only place where he could be safe during the next flood.
 • The Asters in the Cradle
Golboron couldn't go back into the tunnel leading to the Cradle, so Urunsole and Solmokif went down alone with the Crystal.

After reaching the Cradle, they place the Crystal next to seed, but they were unable to leave immediately: as Golboron had done before them, they took the time to really accept that situation. They realized that the luminescence coming from the rock pillars throbbed slightly, as if there were something alive in the ground; from the root coming from the seed, also, came up small flowers with a yellow heart and many white and pink petals.

Urunsole and Solmokif attributed the phenomenon to the presence of Mosobo and they felt a bit reassured. They returned to the surface and they were reunited with Golboron.
 • The Lethargy
The Rudengat was still faded as if the autumn had come, as if the death of Mosobo had marked him more than many other things; his leaves are tinged with yellow, orange and red, without ever abandoning his branches.

The Podir healing the Rudengat to the best of their ability but, despite all, he seemed to have lost the will to live. The Nisel led the resin into the Cradle to heal the root, but the First Tree seemed fallen into a such state of torpor that every effort was in vain.

But Vullic had good memory and didn't forget. They took care of the Forest and his progenitor, though now they had enough resin and they were numerous enough to face alone any new Flood.
 • In the End
In this way ends the first part of this story.

The Waldaster is populated by Vullic who care for them, allowing the rains will stop and start again in a stable cycle, which endowed this dimension of a new equilibrium.

Much more, however, was waiting, waiting to show itself ...
to be CONTINUED...
to be CONTINUED...

to be CONTINUED...

to be CONTINUED...


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